About me

Registered Nutrition Practitioner: Emily Dixon BA (Hons) Brighton University and BSc (Hons) Southampton University.

Emily is a registered Nutritionist with a BSc in Applied Human Nutrition from Southampton Solent University and is currently Studying for her Master’s MSc in Human Nutrition.

My passion for health and fitness stems from always being an avid foodie, dedicated mum and recipe developer since childhood and having jointly successfully run Selective Search Executive headhunting practice for over 12 years I decided to go back to University to study my passions: Food, Health and Nutrition.

I experiment with colourful ingredients and believe in a rainbow plate of food, portion control and flexitarian attitude to eating as I advocate Food Sustainability for the future of Food. My Private consultancy specialises in weight management personalised nutrition as I have a strong understanding that one size does not fit all. My other specialism is Corporate Wellness around employee and leadership nutrition, health, wellbeing, and mindfulness practice.

As a health coach I genuinely want to help people and really contribute to the greater good by actually putting something back into society and helping improve the quality of people lives.