Private Sector & General Public Consultancy:


Weight Management – Learning to eat well, lose weight sustainably, and manage your weight effectively, is one of the most valuable things you will ever do to ensure your long-term health and wellbeing. Being realistic, having a time frame, understanding correct portion size, drinking more water, staying accountable for your actions, and recording what you eat all help with weight loss sustainability.

Digestive Health – The main drivers of gut health are changes in stomach acid, gut immunity and gastrointestinal flora, the complex ecosystem of bacteria in your digestive system. When gut health is good you are less likely to experience inflammation and lapses in immunity. We can help with nutritional plans, sleep plans and stress reducers targeting gut health.

Female Health – Healthy habits are the best way to avoid disease, prolong your life, and live more happily. But in the chaos of a woman’s daily life, healthy living may take back seat to chores, work, busy schedules, and more. Simple steps can be taken in order to have a longer, healthier life.

Family Nutrition – Balanced diet, targeted vitamins, stress management, cooking and eating together these all help in promoting a happier and healthier home life.