What we do

Personalised Nutrition: No one size fits all approach, individualised programmes to suit your lifestyle and budget using the latest Science and evidence-based recommendations.

Consultancy and Corporate Wellness: Work with leading Fortune 500 firms improving employee health and wellbeing through health interventions, workshops, and empowering staff. Health Coach

Cooking and Recipes: Provide bespoke cooking and recipe ideas tailored to suit you.

Selective Nutrition provides the ability to discuss any nutritional or wellness challenges with an either face to face, or via MS Teams, Skype or Zoom. During times of transformation where you are often the person who needs to lead the business calmly and with focus, Selective Nutrition makes sure you can still work on your own growth mindset with bespoke personalised Nutritional Coaching programs to maximise your true personal potential in times of change.

Please feel free to give us a call and we would be happy to discuss your current situation, needs, goals and discuss what GOOD actually could look like for you. All our Nutritional Coaching programmes are specifically tailored and designed to meet the needs of the individual and organisation.